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Nova Launcher settings
« Topic Start: 24 Июня 2017, 10:34:38 »
         Not sure if this is default behaviour for Nova or not but it's REALLY infuriating. I'm used to navigating by using the Fly pointer to flick up / down / left / right. However I've noticed that recently when I go the app drawer and flick up it's CONSTANTLY placing the app on my home screen, invariably screwing up my neatly arranged layout. I then have to go back, remove the damn app and re-arrange it all again :mad: I've noticed there's some light grey highlight box that's appearing (doubtless it's over whatever app it installs at the time) and this highlight box also appears on my homescreen unless I click the fly and that removes it.

Now I'm fairly sure this wasn't happening before on a previous install but I've trawled the settings trying to find anything that can switch this off. I'm sure I saw a 'swipe up to.......' setting but I'm not sure if that was for this behaviour. The "Don't pi55 me off" setting is sadly missing too

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