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Kevin Demoff is quite aware that hes competing for eyes when it comes to sports in LA.The Los Angeles Lakers had a pretty eventful offseason signing the biggest American athlete superstar in the world in LeBron James. The Los Angeles Dodgers are fighting their way back into the postseason. USC football is gearing up for a new season with a new quarterback with the same legion of richie-rich fans.But the LA Rams have been pretty damn loud themselves this offseason.Their 53-man roster has some incredibly impressive starters http://www.losangelesramsteamonline.com/robert-woods-jersey , and this weeks contract extension with DL Aaron Donald has been the overly long finale at a fireworks show Rams fans have been waiting for for more than a year. And make no mistake about what the front office of the Rams has been doing making a show of it.Its been a show, and an entertaining one at that. When it comes to contracts, the Rams have a history of not signing high-profile players or signing extensions that havent worked out that well.They needed a win. And they got it with the promise of many more years with #99 chasing quarterbacks.If the Rams are going to spend this much money on a defensive lineman, they want the world to know that theyre doing it. They need the credit. Or, more to the point, the Rams need the attention.Just look at the way Kevin Demoff was playing the press this past week when he knew the deal was in the bag:And remember this controversial tweet that sent Rams fans into a tizzy?Thats our Rams, alright.In one way Cooper Kupp Jersey Elite , it seems like the Rams front office has bumbled this whole contract situation for over a year. But, this is a big deal for this franchise. If they need to toot their horns, I aint gonna get in the way.Rams fans want to see Donald in our uniform, on our field. And they also definitely want to see him on Monday Night Football against the Oakland Raiders. We dont need a big presser to feel good about our COO. We just want results on the field.What I think the Rams front office should do now is increase their use of Donald as a representative. Help him show that this is what the Rams are all about. If they use the same amount of energy spent on their maximum P.R. impact with the contract extension, they can further drive home the fact that identity of this team begins with guys like Donald and RB Todd Gurley. Homegrown players that earned major extensions...and received them. A product of a team that knows how to find special talents and knows how to treat them accordingly.Demoffs public relations play that lasted over a year had a happy ending. Its hard to get too critical of the front office. Things feel different now as if the guys running things are playing with house money. The idea of Donald anchoring the defense for years to come is a comforting thought that makes the future of Los Angeles Rams seem very bright. So lets shine the lights where they deserve to be. On the players in horns that represent the good decisions of everyone involved.Los Angeles Rams S Blake Countess named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week Coach John Bones Fassel knows how to coach up his special teams players, thats for sure. And this week was no different as Los Angeles Rams Safety Blake Countess was named as the NFC Special Team Player of the Week.Playing double duty, Countess (roster preview) scored his second career touchdown off Cory Littletons blocked punt that Blake recovered in the end zone. He also stepped in as the Rams returner after JoJo Natson broke his hand Aaron Donald Jersey Elite , averaging 25.5 yards per return not too shabby! Countess scored his first touchdown in 2017 against the Philadelphia Eagles (also a blocked punt).In youre shaky on on the past of 25 year-old Blake Countess, he played his college ball at Michigan and was a sixth-round pick in 2016 by the Philadelphia Eagles and was later cut and picked up by the Rams (practice squad) before the 2016 season began.Countess is turning out to be a valuable role player for the Rams this season, providing much needed depth in the battered secondary as well as the special teams unit, which has also been plagued by injuries. Look for Blake to serve at the primary kick returner on Thursday night against the Minnesota Vikings.
The Arrowhead Pride staff once again gets it right with 10 of the writers picking the Kansas City Chiefs over the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. Good job team.Moving forward Authentic Patrick Mahomes Jersey , we are going to include the FanPulse predictions at the start of the article so readers can get a feel of how both fan bases are feeling regarding the upcoming game.Its interesting to see that 49ers fans are predicting their team to lose by six points against Kansas City. You can sign up for AP FanPulse here to take the weekly survey. Lets move on to the staff predictions:Shawn Barber, Chiefs 33-24Both The 49ers and Chiefs are getting very high RETURNS ON INVESTMENT (ROI).Breakdown of the perfect NFL QB : 33 percent mental processing speed. 33 percent arm strength and accuracy. 33 percent leadership skills. 1 percent good luck.Both Jimmy G. and Mahomes have strong to elite levels of QB moxie, physical talent & 5G high-speed networks.Keys to the game:Slight advantage Chiefs: Patty Cakes immediate recall of defensive pre-snap alignment is the key. This would give the Chiefs offensive coordinator the ability to adjust on the fly, after each play without going to sidelines for adjustments. This is a real problem for defensive coordinators. Not to mention who is being targeted: Cheetah, Zeus, Watkins and Hunt.Jimmy G has to deal with the Sea of Reds crowd noise on the home opener.I cant wait to feel Arrowhead Rock (since I will not be able to hear myself think) while the 49ers offense is at work.The X Factor: The 49ers have a host of high round picks and Ultra talented players of that defensive front 7 that can be a game changer on any Sunday.Mitchell, Buckner, Thomas, Armstead, Foster, Smith will be tougher matchups in the trenches than last week.Side note:Roll Tide fans will enjoy watch two impact players: Reggie Ragland and Reuben Foster49ers website shows team motto is Faithful Then, Faithful Now ...as Jarvis Landry stated numerous times on HardKnocks this season, Bless em.This Sunday at Noon the Sea of Red will Bless em.Aaron Borgmann, Chiefs 35-27Costs of living are high in the Bay Area, so you have to overpay for everything. Seems to be the case with the football team as well. Jimmy G (137 million and a second round pick) + Soloman Thomas @#3 overall in last years draft and you could have simply had PMII in that spot for so much less. One more reason why KC>SF.John Dixon, Chiefs 42-24The 49ers havent won at Arrowhead since 1982, but its doubtful anyone in San Francisco has even noticed. Lets just be grateful they arent going to be able to come to Arrowhead and shake hands with one of their former quarterbacks.Gary McKenzie, Chiefs 49-17The Chiefs offense should see a healthy number of blitzes to start the game. Unfortunately for the 49ers this will allow Hill, Kelce, Hunt, and Watkins to rack up tons of yards after the catch.I dont think the Chiefs defense is as bad as everyone says it is. The 49ers have had a difficult time protecting Jimmy Garoppolo over the first two games of the season. I believe the 49ers will get down early and Garoppolo will have to pass the ball continuously through the game.All the pass attempts will lead to mistakes, sacks, and turnovers. The last thing the 49ers want to do is become one dimensional, but the Chiefs force them to do that anyway and the game quickly turns into a complete disaster for the 49ers.Matt Lane, Chiefs 38-24Kyle Shanahan is an amazing offensive mind, right there with Andy Reid http://www.kansascitychiefsteamonline.com/patrick-mahomes-ii-jersey , and Jimmy G is a fantastic up-and-coming QB. They have the ability to give the Chiefs defense some fits, especially using TE George Kittle and FB Kyle Juszczyk. The three things that give KCs defense hope: 1) being in Arrowhead for the home opener where the crowd will be rocking, 2) the SF OL and Jimmy G have been prone to giving up quick sacks and taking sacks when unnecessary, 3) outside the aforementioned weapons the 49ers playmakers arent the same caliber as LAC or Pitt making this the easiest matchup thus far.While the HC And QB combo in SF is really nice, its not Reid-Mahomes nice. KCs offense looks absolutely amazing right now and based on what weve seen from the 49ers defense, there is no reason to think they are the team to shut them down. A rather static defense in the Seattle Cover mold, much like LAC, shouldnt do much to confuse Mahomes. While DeForest Buckner is a stud hes not the quickest winner as a pass rusher and the Chiefs pass pro been very good.On offense the Chiefs WRs have big days, Sammy finding the end zone with back to back 100+ yard games, while the athletic LBs (Foster and Warner) help quality Safeties hold Kelce in check.On defense the Chiefs should be able to play more man to man and land home with their pass rush a bit more often, resulting in a solid defensive output in Arrowhead. Dee Ford continues to impress beating up on rookie Mike McGlinchy and veteran Joe Staley.Low-key storyline: the nickname battle. Not only is Matt Brieda attempting (really, Breida?) to take Cheetah from Tyreek, but Golden Showtime Tate just played and was pretty solid vs. the 49ers. This week, the real Cheetah (Tyreek Hill) and Pat Showtime Mahomes will our GREAT numbers winning not only the game but their rightful nicknames.Matt Stagner, Chiefs 45-24I think were all waiting for Mahomes to slow down, but it might be another week. I actually think its Kareen Hunts turn to be featured, and the Chiefs will look to establish the ground game a bit more. That will limit Mahomes to a measly 3TDs or so, but Hunt will get 2, and the defense will get one. This isnt a matchup to take lightly, the 9ers are improving... but the Arrowhead crowd will be rockin this week with the franchise QB in the house, theyll win easily.Craig Stout, Chiefs 41-28The first regular season home game in Arrowhead for Pat Mahomes? This offense is gonna be clicking. Mahomes throws 3+ more TDs to bolster his MVP-caliber season and the Chiefs get their ground game going, rushing for another 2 TDs. The Niners offense will move the ball with increased tempo against the Chiefs slower personnel, but the pass rush finally gets home and the Chiefs keep them at arms length for the whole game.Kent Swanson, Chiefs 35-24The Chiefs will lose out on a top 10 moment of the decade if they dont introduce the offense on Sunday.Chiefs Lent is nearing an end. The first time Mahomes has played in Arrowhead in over 40 days.This is going to be an offensive shootout. Take the over on points. Whatever it is. Im predicting a pedestrian 3 TDs for Mahomes. Defense shows some promise, gets a few stops late to seal the deal.Pete Sweeney http://www.chiefsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-travis-kelce-jersey , Chiefs 49-42Shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs knocked off the Pittsburg Steelers, 42-37, I expectedly began receiving tweet notifications. For the second week in a row, I had picked the opposing team against the Chiefs incorrectly.While I would like to oblige your request and continue that trend, I simply cannot. For the third week in a row, I am expecting a shootout for the Chiefs. But this time, at home, in front of a rocking crowd watching a game that feels like the most important game at Arrowhead Stadium since Monday Night Football against the New England Patriots, I cant go against the home team. Lets find out if Im a jinx.Joel Thorman, Chiefs 28-24The Patrick Mahomes show comes back to Earth a little bit this week but still puts up 4 TDs. Watch how the Chiefs do against DeForest Buckner this week. Pressure from the defensive line can be hard to handle so it will be another good test for Mahomes.Aly Trost, Chiefs 48-31Offense will have no trouble getting up points early in an electric Arrowhead atmosphere. Mahomes will continue to shine with 4 TD passes. Jimmy Garoppolo and Matt Breida will shake up Chiefs inconsistent defense, but hey, the Lions pass rush had six sacks on Garoppolo last week, which sheds a glimmer of hope for the secondary. Dane Van Why, Chiefs 38-24The Chiefs make their triumphant return to Arrowhead on Sunday with a standing ovation for Patrick Mahomes. I think the offense dominates a 49ers defense who had some late trouble with Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense. The Chiefs defense will struggle to contain the hot hand of Matt Breida and I feel like the Jimmy G of old may make a return against Kansas Citys porous pass defense. In the end, the Chiefs give us another strong offensive performance and continue to leave us wondering if this offensive success is sustainable.All 12 of the AP staff members picked the Chiefs over the 49ers. Hopefully, that translates into a win on Sunday, pushing the Chiefs to a 3-0 record.Whats your prediction?Patrick Mahomes was six years old when Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl The most enduring reference from John Fords classic 1962 Western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance a story about a young lawyer named Ransom Stoddard, who is mistakenly credited by the townspeople as the man who killed the outlaw who had been terrorizing them was spoken by reporter Maxwell Scott, who was interviewing Stoddard many years later to get the facts of the story.After Stoddard (played by Jimmy Stewart) explains that it was Tom Doniphon (played by John Wayne) who had actually killed Liberty Valance, Stoddard asks Scott if hes going to use the story hes just been told.This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.There was a bit of that going on during Wednesdays media session at Arrowhead, in advance of Sundays game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots.Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was six years old on February 3, 2002, when New England quarterback Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl against the St. Louis Rams.So it was only natural for reporters to ask Mahomes now 23 about playing against the 41-year-old Brady.Mahomes was asked where he was and what he was doing when Tom Brady stepped in for Drew Bledsoe to beat the Rams a reference to Bradys first Super Bowl win.Except thats not what actually happened.Brady replaced Bledsoe earlier that season Dustin Colquitt Jersey , when he was injured in the fourth quarter of a Week 2 loss to the New York Jets.Brady started every game thereafter.But you cant expect Mahomes to correct a reporter about something that happened when he was six.So he gamely answered the question.I was very young, Mahomes said. I dont remember those first few Super Bowls he won. I remember the Super Bowl snow game where they kicked the field goal for the win. Seeing his successes year-in and year-out as Ive gotten older is truly special to see all of that hard work pay off.If you havent yet seen it, the video of this response is priceless.Except... Mahomes didnt get his facts straight, either.The Patriots have never won a Super Bowl by kicking a field goal in the snow.Mahomes was apparently referring to the 2001 divisional playoff game between the Patriots and the Oakland Raiders, which was played two weeks before Bradys first Super Bowl win.In that game better known as the Tuck Rule Game Patriots placekicker Adam Vinatieri kicked a 45-yard field goal from a snow-covered field to send the game into overtime, and another 23-yard field goal to win the game.But Im not here to poke Mahomes for not remembering that hes likely only seen the Tuck Rule Game years later on tape.I just like making fun of reporters who get their facts wrong.Besides, without realizing it, Mahomes explained how he probably came to see film of this famous game.It happened when he was asked if he had spent time studying Brady.Yes, I definitely watched a good amount of him in college, he said. Coach Kingsbury actually played with Tom at one point. He liked to show me some things that he did where he was in the pocket, his pocket movements and things like that. I have definitely taken some things from him. He does it at such a high level, its something you have to strive to be like.When asked, Mahomes said he was looking forward to the opportunity to play against Brady, and took the opportunity to remind reporters the two of them wouldnt be on the field at the same time.Mahomes in New England as the Chiefs backup prior to the game last season. Alex Smith was the starter.Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty ImagesIt is going to be a great opportunity. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks if not the greatest to ever play. I am going against their defense, but as a team we are going to go in and try to compete. They are a good team in the AFC every single year. Just to compete against one of the best teams in the league is going to be an awesome opportunity.Still, Mahomes remains fairly matter-of-fact about what the Chiefs will face against New England.First off, they are going to have a game plan on trying to stop some of your better guys. With us, I feel like the mentality weve had this entire season is that whoever is open, give them the ball and let them make the play is going to help us out a ton. They are going to do some stuff to try to confuse me, but I am going to try to maintain our game plan and keep working.Mahomes who is currently exceeding Brady in almost all NFL passing statistics was asked if he considers Brady to be the best of all time.Thats a hard question. It kind of depends on what you like. I dont necessarily know if I have just one that I would say is the best. Hes the one who won all the championships. Thats one of the biggest parts about it.Mahomes is exactly right about that.Brady now has five Super Bowl rings more than any other quarterback.That would be a worthy goal for Mahomes to achieve so that in 2035, another young quarterback can be asked about where they were and what they were doing when Patrick Mahomes won his first Super Bowl.Hopefully, hell mistake a dramatic Mahomes highlight hes seen from this Sundays game as something that happened in a Super Bowl.Because this is the NFL.When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.
/ Cheese Curds 9/5: Mike Pettine & Korey
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Toomer look for fresh starts with Packers The Green Bay Packers have a host of new faces on their defense in 2018, and none are likely to have a bigger impact than new coordinator Mike Pettine. Pettine has not formally coached for the last two seasons, which made him a bit of an unexpected choice when Mike McCarthy hired Youth Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey him for the job early this year.However, Pettine had a slew of good reasons for stepping away from the game after the Cleveland Browns fired him following the 2015 season. Now rejuvenated and excited about the game again, Pettine will reveal his full defense on Sunday night against the Chicago Bears.One of the players who will be suiting up for him is new Packers linebacker Korey Toomer, a player who has suited up for a quarter of the NFLs 32 teams in some capacity. Toomers journey to Green Bay was circuitous and very much unlike Pettines, but the two share a desire: to reinvent themselves with the Packers and earn a Super Bowl ring.In todays curds, check out stories on these two men and much more as we inch closer to the start of the 2018 regular season.Korey Toomer hoping for restart with Packers | Packers.comToomer has bounced around to eight different teams now that he's in Green Bay and he sounds disappointed that he hasn't received more attention or consideration for a significant role this offseason. However, with Oren Burks banged up and James Crawford also reportedly suffering some sort of injury on Monday http://www.authenticsgreenbaypackers.com/cheap-bryan-bulaga-jersey , Toomer will almost certainly be in uniform on Sunday night.Inside the two-year sabbatical that steered Mike Pettine to Packers | Packersnews.comWhen Pettine was fired by the Browns just two years into a four-year deal he got the financial flexibility to sit back and take a break. He did just that, first throwing his efforts into building a new home before gradually stepping back into football with consulting jobs. However, the most defining part of that time off is probably the death of his father in early 2017.6 available edge rushers the Packers could still pursue | Packers WireOur Erin Underwood broke down a few options on Monday, but here are a few other interesting names who might pique the Packers' interest. A pair that jump out to me are John Simon and Tyrone Holmes, the latter being a great athlete who would fit the trend of the Packers' last few acquisitions.How every team can win Super Bowl LIII: Making the case for all 32 | ESPNThe Packers have the sixth-best chance of winning it all this year, according to Bill Barnwell, with 6.6% odds. One of the biggest keys, however, is the health of the Packers offensive tackles.How Jerick McKinnons season-ending ACL tear impacts the 49ers offense - SBNation.comThe Packers host the 49ers on Monday Night Football in week six http://www.authenticsgreenbaypackers.com/cheap-david-bakhtiari-jersey , and McKinnon was figuring to be a big part of San Francisco's offense - particularly as a receiver out of the backfield.Montr茅al Man Gets Four Years for Smuggling Guns Through Library | Off MessageThe man was convicted of smuggling a hundred guns through a library that straddles the US-Canadian border and got 51 months in prison for his crime.Packers Week 3 Injury Report: Kevin King out, Rodgers questionable again The Green Bay Packers will suit up in Washington for a week three game on Sunday, but they will do so without one starter in the secondary. Cornerback Kevin King, who left last weeks game against the Minnesota Vikings with a groin injury, has been ruled out for this Sundays game on the teams Friday injury report.King left the game around halftime and did not return. The coaching staff chose veteran Davon House as his primary replacement, which was a tough draw against the likes of Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. Diggs caught a 75-yard touchdown against House and safety Kentrell Brice midway through the fourth quarter after beating House off the line. However, this week House is listed as questionable for the game himself, showing up on the report with a biceps injury.If House also cannot play, that would leave the Packers with just three healthy cornerbacks: Tramon Williams and rookies Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson. This is in light of the teams decision to release reserve corner Deante Burton this week to make room for running back Aaron Jones Color Rush Jimmy Graham Jersey , who was coming off suspension. However, the team might get some good news for the secondary, as safety Josh Jones and linebacker Oren Burks are also both questionable for the game, potentially making their 2018 debuts this week. Having those athletic interior defenders available may lead to fewer six- and seven-defensive back alignments for defensive coordnator Mike Pettine.Of course, quarterback Aaron Rodgers also showed up on the report this week, still listed as questionable with his knee injury. However, all expectations are that Rodgers will play once again, since he played and played well a week ago.Meanwhile, Washington has five players on their report as well Youth Mike Daniels Jersey , including one starter out on the offensive line.Packers Injury ReportOUTCB Kevin King (groin)QUESTIONABLEILB Oren Burks (shoulder), CB Davon House (biceps), S Josh Jones (ankle), QB Aaron Rodgers (knee)Washington Injury ReportOUTS Troy Apke (hamstring), G Shawn Lauvao (calf)QUESTIONABLEILB Zach Brown (oblique), WR Maurice Harris (concussion), WR Paul Richardson (shoulder/knee)
The Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta have announced their inactives for todays matchup.Both sides came into today with key players already ruled out Cincinnati Bengals Hats , so there werent any real surprises as to who will not suit up today. Here is a look at the Bengals inactive players for Week 4:OL Cedric OgbuehiWR Auden TateOL Billy PriceRB Joe MixonDL Adolphus WashingtonRB Thomas RawlsTE Mason SchreckThe Bengals had already ruled out Billy Price and Joe Mixon, both of whom should be back within the next two weeks. As expected, A.J. Green is active after getting in a full week of practice following his groin/pelvis injury in Carolina. It will be interesting to see if hes 100 percent today and can take advantage of this depleted Falcons secondary. On the other side, here is a look at the Falcons inactives today:RB Devonta FreemanDE Derrick ShelbyOT Matt GonoOG Zac KerinCB Justin BethelS Sharrod NeasmanDT Justin ZimmerThe Falcons had already ruled out Devonta Freeman and Derrick Shelby coming into the game. Thats big losses on both sides of the ball, though their backups are fully capable of making an impact.Steelers at Bengals injury report: John Ross and William Jackson are questionable Update: Bengals wide receiver John Ross is not expected to play against the Steelers on Sunday in Cincinnati Cincinnati Bengals Hoodie , according to Ian Rapoport.This is bad news for the Bengals who could greatly use Ross on the field. William Jackson IIIs status is unknown as the cornerback is still questionable to play.The Bengals will have several players that are game-time decisions on Sunday when the Steelers come to town. On Friday, the team declared John Ross (groin), William Jackson (knee) and Cedric Ogbuehi (wrist) as questionable to play this week. The team also ruled out Billy Price (foot), Giovani Bernard (knee) and Tyler Kroft (foot).Of this group, Jackson would easily be the biggest loss. He was instrumental in shutting down All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown in two matchups with Pittsburgh in 2017. If Jackson is out Youth Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys , that puts a lot more pressure on a struggling Bengals defense to contain one of the best players in football.As for Ross, hes still dealing with a groin injury that has him very iffy to play this week. Having him to stretch the defense would be big, and it was evident last week against Miami that the offense wasnt quite the same without the threat of Ross to stretch the field. Ogbuehi was likely going to be a healthy scratch, so him being out due to injury is no loss. On Pittsburghs side, wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey (ankle) and safety Morgan Burnett (groin) have been ruled out www.bengalsauthorizedshops.com , while linebacker L.J. Fort (ankle) is listed as doubtful for Sunday.
Ketogenic Diet Ketogenic Diet reduction plan you observed that positioned the weight on inside the first place!Regardless of which program you choose, use the above 'massive image' method on the way to hold you on track for long term weight loss. See you within the gymnasium!References(1) Truby H, et al. Randomised managed trial of 4 industrial weight loss programmes in the united kingdom: preliminary findings from the BBC
/ Ketogenic Diet
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Ketogenic Diet Ketogenic Diet and additionally formulating medications so as to be able to produce the equal effect on weight reduction. Diets are a dime a dozen. It seems as even though morning television is plagued with an endless quantity of eating regimen advertisements. The cause diets are so famous are due to the fact they sell.Advertising has allowed companies to push diet plans and classified ads like never before.
Ketogenic Diet Ketogenic Diet term.The essential flaw with almost all of those diets lies in our 21s t century lifestyle. Most of us have lost sight of what sincerely is right meals. We now purchase so much of our food from the supermarket. The most important food agencies do most of the meals preparation for us. It saves us time and it's far very handy. What is even worse is our developing dependence on rapid food retailers. All organized
In a game filled with injuries http://www.cincinnatibengalsteamonline.com/randy-bullock-jersey , the Bengals first-round pick missed his first career game, the teams fourth-round pick made his debut. Starting center Billy Price watched from the sidelines wearing street clothes and a specialized boot that hopes to heal his foot in the next week or two. On the field, running back Mark Walton was the offenses sole option behind Giovani Bernard, and got his first taste of regular season action. Find out how he and the other rookies played in the Bengals 31-21 defeat in Carolina in this weeks rookie report:Jessie BatesThe Panthers offense realized early in the game that they didnt need to test the Bengals secondary (sans cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick) when they could just run the ball down the Bengals defenses throat. Quarterback Cam Newton only threw the ball 24 times, and he never tested Bates at free safety. In fact, he rarely tested the deep middle of the field at all.Bates biggest impact came on shoestring tackle that prevented a long Christian McCaffrey touchdown run. He provided additional run support when the first two levels of the Bengals defense failed in this area with three other solo tackles, but had a quiet day in coverage. His day might be a lot more active when the Bengals take on Matt Ryans Falcons, who put up 374 passing yards and five touchdowns against the Saints yesterday.Sam HubbardIt was almost a spectacular day for the non-injured former Ohio State Buckeye. Hubbard and the majority of the Bengals defensive line were ineffective pressuring Newton in the pocket, but a fourth-quarter strip-sack from defensive end Carlos Dunlap gave Hubbard a chance to turn the tide of the game. After falling on the loose ball, Hubbard failed to secure it, and the Panthers would later punt Womens William Jackson Jersey , giving the Bengals much worse field position.After the game, Hubbard recalled the near-turnover: I just got too aggressive. Saw it on the ground, dove on it. Its hot and humid - and the grass - it slipped out. Popped out from under me and I didnt even know where it went.Later in the quarter, Hubbard broke through the Panthers line on their next punt and got his fingers on the ball again. Hubbards efforts caused the punt to come up noticeably short of its intended distance, but a blocked punt instead of a tipped punt gives the Bengals a much better chance of scoring on that drive, which ended in quarterback Andy Daltons third interception of the game. These two plays wouldve canceled out the non-impact performance Hubbard had as a pass-rusher and edge-setter. Without Michael Johnson playing, Hubbard underwhelmed in the rotation. He has an intriguing matchup with Atlantas right tackle Ryan Schraeder next week, who has had a shaky start to his season.Malik JeffersonThe Bengals linebackers were exposed in run defense against the Panthers rushing attack, but Jefferson had to watch it from the sidelines again. He was fourth on the team in special teams snaps. If Jefferson doesnt see the field next week, he may not get a chance in the near future with Vontaze Burfict returning from his suspension and Preston Brown returning from his ankle injury. He may not be the answer, but it wouldnt hurt to see if he can step up in an area they are clearly lacking in with the current state of the position group. Mark WaltonIt was a surprise for most to see the Bengals only activate two running backs Authentic Tyler Eifert Jersey , but with Thomas Rawls dealing with cramps, it was just Giovani Bernard and Walton dressed on Sunday. Walton only saw one carry in his seven snaps, and it was negated by an Alex Redmond hold. It may be the most impressive play from the NFL this week that didnt count.Walton is familiar with the kind of blocking he received here, as he saw nothing but opposing players in his face in the backfield all preseason long. This time, he actually made something out of nothing. Its a shame that it got called back for a blatant hold from Redmond, as well as it being the only time Walton touched the ball. Considering Joe Mixon could be playing next week, the next time Walton gets an opportunity to play is a mystery.Did not playBilly Price Darius Phillips - Phillips was active but never saw the fieldAuden TateThe Bengals finish their two-game road stretch against the Falcons and will likely have to do it without Price. A.J. Green appears to be okay after exiting the game with what was initially diagnosed as a groin injury, but if he cant go, it could be Auden Tates turn to dress. Bates and Hubbard definitely need to play well against a Falcons offense that can outscore anyone in the league, and how them and the rest of the defense bounce-back from this week may determine if the Bengals remain above .500 going into October.Bengals RB Mark Walton evaluated for concussion UPDATEMark Walton has entered the game, so he appears to be fine. The Bengals backfield continues to get depleted Authentic Billy Price Jersey , as Mark Walton is now being evaluated for a concussion. The injury happened late in the third quarter on a pass Walton attempted to catch at the sideline, but as he dove for the ball, he was hit in the helmet by Falcons safety Brian Poole, who was flagged for unnecessary roughness.Walton went to the sideline to be examined by trainers, and the team has since announced he is being evaluated for a concussion. For now, that means Giovani Bernard is the lone running back, and hes come up gimpy a few times in this game.Defensive back Brandon Wilson had limited experience at running back during his college career at Houston. He would probably be an emergency running back if Bernard goes down.Joe Mixon is inactive due to a knee injury, but it sounds like hell return next week. Thomas Rawls was a healthy scratch for this game. We will update this post if any more details come out...
The Green Bay Packers offense did not look particularly sharp in their 22-0 victory over the Buffalo Bills on SundayGreen Bay Packers Hoodie , but there are reasons for optimism moving forward. It appears that the unit has found its #4 wide receiver, as rookie Marquez Valdes-Scantling stepped up his snap count with Randall Cobb inactive for the game. He may have only caught one pass, but it was indicative of his impressive skill set and will hopefully earn him some more opportunities in the future.Meanwhile, with a bit of a banged-up cornerback group, the Packers turned to defensive back Jermaine Whitehead for a hefty number of snaps on Sunday, particularly with him lined up as a slot corner. Whitehead has continually increased his role on this defense and is starting to play a role similar to the one Micah Hyde had in Green Bay part safety, part slot corner, and occasional dime linebacker. That versatility should continue to get him on the field even as Josh Jones has returned from injury.Heres a look at the playing time from Sunday.OFFENSE (76 plays)QuarterbackAaron Rodgers 76Once again, Rodgers looked a bit improved over the previous week in terms of his mobility. He ended up finishing the game with five rushes for 31 yards, including a long of 15. He appears to be feeling better with the knee, or at least it is not giving him too much trouble when he moves around in and out of the pocket.As far as his passing numbers, Rodgers was pedestrian by his standards, missing a few throws that he typically makes in his sleep. He finished the game just 22 for 40, with 298 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. That was good for a passer rating of just 76.9.Running BacksAaron Jones 29, Jamaal Williams 28, Ty Montgomery 20Sure, Jones got the plurality of the snaps among the three backs, but Packers fans continue to clamor for more snaps and carries for the Packers most elusive runner. Jones carried the ball 11 times for 65 yards and a score, adding one catch for 17 yards on a screen pass. By contrast, Williams also had 11 carries, but had less than half of Jones yardage with 27. Montgomerys big play was in the passing game on a wheel route that went for 43 yards.Wide ReceiversDavante Adams 76 Cheap Customized Green Bay Packers Jerseys , Geronimo Allison 56, Marquez Valdes-Scantling 54, JMon Moore 11With Randall Cobb out, MVS got the start and clearly demonstrated that he is the #4 receiver at this point. The Packers used Adams in the slot a lot, and he finished the game with eight grabs on 14 targets for 81 yards. Allison fought through a couple of ugly drops but racked up 80 yards on six catches. MVS only catch was a gorgeous out-and-up route for a 38-yard gain. However, he drew Rodgers ire when failing to come back and attack the football on a short route that was a dropped pick-six. Meanwhile, Moore played sparingly, only seeing the field for a snap or two prior to Allison leaving the field with a possible concussion.Tight EndsJimmy Graham 54, Lance Kendricks 35, Marcedes Lewis 17With no Cobb, the Packers finally did use a little more 12 personnel, but they largely did so with Kendricks lined up in the backfield as a fullback or motioning him into that alignment. He had another bad drop on a target that should have gone for a first down, ending the day with one catch for five yards. Graham finally found the end zone on a short pass into the flat, and he caught half of his six targets for 21 yards. Lewis was not targeted all day.Offensive LinemenDavid Bakhtiari 76, Lane Taylor 76, Corey Linsley 76, Byron Bell 76, Bryan Bulaga 76The line did a largely marvelous job against a fearsome Bills pass rush that obliterated the Vikings line a week earlier. Bakhtiari in particular shut down Jerry Hughes pass rush moves, holding him without a sack and largely without pressuring Rodgers. The rest of the unit held up well also, despite missing starting right guard Justin McCray.DEFENSE (58 plays)Defensive LinemenKenny Clark 47, Dean Lowry 36, Mike Daniels 35, Montravius Adams 5If Clark isnt a Pro Bowler this year, theres something wrong with the system. He had another stellar game www.thepackersfootballauthentic.com , including a forced fumble and recovery on a Josh Allen scramble. Lowry was active in the run game, while Daniels was his typical pocket-collapsing force. For one Sunday at least, this unit did not seem to miss Muhammad Wilkerson.Outside LinebackersClay Matthews 37, Nick Perry 33, Kyler Fackrell 26, Reggie Gilbert 25For all the heat that Fackrell takes from Packers fans, he earned one of our game balls this week for a stellar performance. His three sacks on Sunday now give him the team lead ahead of Perry and Gilbert, who each have 1.5. Two of those came in the last three plays of the game with Buffalo trying to get on the board.It was really the best performance from this group as a unit all season, though, as every one of these four players recorded at least a half-sack. Matthews led the way with five total tackles.Inside LinebackersBlake Martinez 58, Oren Burks 20, Antonio Morrison 10, Korey Toomer 3, James Crawford 1As usual, Martinez led the team in tackles with nine, including one of the teams seven sacks plus another tackle for loss against the run and a second hit on Allen. Burks pitched in with three tackles on defense (plus one on special teams). The plan looks to be to continue bringing Burks along gradually, but expect him to continue to get more snaps as the season goes along.SafetiesKentrell Brice 58, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix 58, Jermaine Whitehead 39Notable in his absence from this list is Josh Jones, who played only on special teams (16 snaps) in his season debut. Instead, the Packers used a lot of Whitehead as a slot cornerback, particularly when rookie cornerback Jaire Alexander missed time with a groin issue. Whitehead responded well, with his lone tackle coming on a sack of Allen on a blitz from the slot.Clinton-Dix had an excellent game on Sunday, and he made one of the better plays in his career on his interception. He was aggressive in diagnosing a throw by Allen towards the sideline and attacked the football Green Bay Packers T-Shirt , coming up with the pick. Brice only had a pair of tackles, but one was a key stop in the run game on a third-and-short on the first drive of the game.CornerbacksTramon Williams 58, Josh Jackson 49, Jaire Alexander 37, Tony Brown 3Alexander left for a period of time late in the game, but he was having a stellar contest and he recorded his first interception (that counts) late in the first half on a desperation heave by Allen. According to Pro Football Focus, Alexander was trageted seven times in coverage but allowed just one reception for a passer rating against of 7.7.When Alexander left the game, Jackson shifted out to the boundary from the slot. He struggled a bit in this contest, getting flagged twice for facemask penalties. Still, he had a pair of pass breakups, including one marvelous play late in the first half along the right sideline.Packers expected to clear Nick Perry & activate him from PUP list, per report It appears that the Green Bay Packers will finally be getting their top edge rusher back on the field this week. Outside linebacker Nick Perry missed all of the teams OTA and minicamp practices this year due to his ankle surgery in the spring, and he has been on the Physically Unable to Perform list to start training camp as a result of the same issue.However, Perry has been ramping up his individual work during open practices over the last week, and it sounds like he is ready to return. To that end, Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported on Sunday that the team expects to clear Perry to return to practice and thereby remove him from the PUP list. Perry would be eligible to practice immediately.The Packers have a pair of open practices scheduled this week, working outside at Ray Nitschke Field on Monday and Tuesday in advance of their trip to Oakland for a preseason game against the Raiders on Friday evening. If Perry is indeed activated and he suffers no setbacks in practice, he may receive some limited snaps on Friday.This would be a massive boost for the Packers pass rush, at least off the edge. Perry has the most total sacks for the Packers over the past two years with 18, including seven in 2017 (which came in second to Clay Matthews 7.5). Perrys presence also would provide defensive coordinator Mike Pettine with a versatile player who can play linebacker in an odd front or put his hand down and rush from a three-point stance in 4-3 looks.So far, the Packers have seen just one reserve outside linebacker impress in training camp, as Reggie Gilbert has appeared to be deserving of the #3 job behind Perry and Matthews. A full season of good health from Perry will be critical for the Packers defense as it looks to build on last years 26th-place ranking in points allowed.
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